Welcome to Naples Venturing Crew!

Crew 242 serves the Naples area, though we also have members from farther away. A youth can multi troop with Girl or Boy Scouts, multi crew, or not have had scouting experience at all. Visit our About Me page to learn more about the Venturing program or visit our You Tube channel playlist here .

Older teens need a program specific to their needs and abilities. Teens can join at 13/end of eighth grade and up to age 20. Venturing is challenging and lends itself to responsible youth team building. Scouting experience is not required and in fact, many of our teens are simply looking to build stronger communities while learning their own strengths.

 Learn from specialists and professionals. Connect with other youth from around the area. The possibilities are endless!

Words from our President:

1. Scouting has taught me what respect and equality can look like.

As a Venturer, every time I put on my uniform, I am more than a female or tagalong sibling. I am a Scout. As such, I am treated as an equal in most Scouting environments, even if I am one of the only females. I work hard and I play hard, right along with every other Scout.

2. Scouting has taught me to know who I am and to be true to myself.

I have been challenged in all of my awards that I have earned thus far to know exactly what I believe and why. This covers everything from my personal faith to why I do what I do in everyday living.

3. Scouting has taught me to get out of my “bubble.”

Sometimes it has taught me this despite myself, but it is something I value. I have never gone to a Scout event or earned an award and not been faced with opposition or trying circumstances. It challenges me to look at things differently, to be flexible, and in all things: DO MY BEST!

4. Scouting has taught me to savor the little things in life that I often ignore.

There is nothing more satisfying than realizing you made it through a trying day, and it feels amazing. And there is nothing sweeter than knowing you are part of something.

5. Scouting has taught me the value of teamwork.

No, this is not some new novelty to me, but if you have ever seen a group of Scouts work together, you know exactly what I am talking about. The class clowns and valedictorians, the band kids and the athletes, the CEOs and the janitors, the “well-off” and the “barely making it.” People from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, all coming under the “umbrella” of Scouting to get something accomplished. Whether that be planning a Scout meeting or putting into motion a summer camp. We work hard, and we play hard….as a TEAM!

In conclusion, Scouting has taught me many life lessons, more by example than instruction. These are things that no money or class could ever teach me; they are things I value. I would hope that I would continue to learn from being involved in Scouting and that I would be able to teach more by example than instruction.

Through the NYLT program, I retain the quote of my mentor. “The maturity and philosophy of putting others before yourself is one of the most important things in life”—Steve Shoemaker


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